I’M grateful for the thanks and praise; the recommendation staff in this field have strived for for many years.

Some high profile people recognising our commitments is great.

However, will we be praised and thanked and remembered when a percentage of us have lost our jobs and homes, as we couldn’t afford them as a direct result of having to take two weeks off when we fall ill?

I was diagnosed with Covid 19 and am now recovering from symptoms of pneumonia. I stayed home for two weeks.

I won’t be furloughed; I won’t receive 80% of my wage.

I will only receive SSP, like other carers too.

I earn £500 a week, but I will only receive shy of £90 a week, which won’t help me pay bills and rent. Payment breaks are just that. I won’t be able to catch up. I already had debt before this. I’ve had to sacrifice a week’s holiday so I can recover, and have enough money to pay my bills. None of this is fair. It is now my intention to leave the “profession”.

We are supporting survivors of Covid in their homes, supporting people who are falling victim to Covid and putting our lives our families at risk.

Thanks won’t keep my child fed and housed; it won’t reduce the risk of me becoming homeless.

At the very least the government needs to give front line workers like myself, access to the advance payment service, which is available for individuals only when they first claim Universal Credit. These advances are repayable in instalments anyway. If the government won’t increase our pay they need to support us in other ways, or run the risk of more staff leaving the “profession”.

Healthcare Assistant

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