Re: The beach ban U-turn (exercising dogs) - I personally feel this is disgusting; these laws were bought in at the result of a vote from the public and with another consultation in progress.

The people in the department who have the powers to do this should all receive a notice to quit their jobs.

People of all ages and young children come before our four-legged friends. I am not a dog owner but I do not dislike them. I prefer cars but I do believe in laws and keeping them. Full stop!

The beach is for young and old, toddlers and babies, to experience the wonders of this wonderful beach of ours safely.

Hopefully there will be many more who share my thoughts and feelings about this matter and make their feelings felt and known as well.

Patricia James

  • As reported in this newspaper, Dorset Council said it would not be enforcing the rules banning dogs from parts of the county's beaches for the spring and summer months unless there is a risk to public health. However due to new government rules, owners are reminded that dogs have to be on a lead when being exercised - Editor.