I am fully supportive of all our front line services - but in this time of continuing social isolating feel I would be doing my community a disservice if I didn't speak up.

We on the Weymouth harbour are seeing increased levels of people flouting the social distancing rules.

People spending 3/4 hours drinking wine - whilst(between 1845 and 1900 today) three police patrol vehicles drove past without stopping. People on the south side of the harbour having lunch, afternoon drinks and sunbathing without any control.

If we are to come through this there has to be some responsibility shown, and the authorities need to be prepared to instil discipline. We are all going to suffer if the few endanger the majority.

I have reported the flagrant disregard of the social distancing rules to the Police but, I have a response saying the issue will be reviewed within 14 days, unless the press give this some airing things will only get worse and our lock down will continue.

Paul Hargest