With Parliament returning this week in a new virtual format, and all eyes on our NHS as it struggles to keep up with this pandemic, MPs, including Mr Richard Drax MP, should be laser-focused on making sure we survive the crisis and come out stronger on the other side.

That includes making sure our NHS is strong and resilient to future crises.

I was shocked to find out that the recently published Trade Bill doesn’t include protection for our NHS from trade deals, even though Boris Johnson promised that the NHS wouldn’t be for sale.

How insulting to the sacrifices that we all, but especially NHS staff, have made, that instead of a pay rise and a stronger NHS, we’ll get more US companies sucking profit from our ill-health and misery. But it’s not too late to put in place strong protection for our NHS.

I would like to call on Richard Drax to commit to amending the Trade Bill so that our health service cannot be opened up to more privatisation through trade deals.

I look forward to their response.

Susan Ryall

Wyke Regis