Have a say on dogs; have a say about filthy dirty people and their children.

Dogs don’t drop litter, beer cans, crisp packets etc. Dogs don’t bury dirty nappies under the sand on the beach, a mother outside Aldi in Weymouth left her screaming child’s nappy in the hedge on the way to the gardens. DOGS DON’T USE blue rubber gloves, many in the hedges along Chickerell Road and more on the bank at Sainsburys.

A dog walking path in Lanehouse is NOT a cycle path and this is a fact from the Police and Highways Dept, yet still families cycle on it and sometimes run in to walkers and their dogs. I was told by the highways to get cyclists to dismount and if not (I won’t mention what I was told to do if they don’t, as I would then be in trouble) Chickerell Rd has a cycle path and if you get people going to Chickerell and at the same time to Weymouth, they think someone with dogs or pushchair should move for them all, well I won’t, you can get on the road or wait.

People have messed the planet up, not animals not dogs, and every dog owner I know has poo bags with them at all times. I even picked up police dog mess on the Granby near Bookers. The dog handler didn’t have a poo bag on him or in his police car. I am the owner of four non messy dogs. Give me dogs any day to people.

Marlaine Knapp