A HEADTEACHER is hoping residents will get behind plans for an 11-metre wind turbine at her school.

Brackenbury Infant School in Fortuneswell, Portland, wants to follow in the footsteps of other Portland Schools by using renewable energy to reduce its carbon footprint.

It has submitted an application to Dorset County Council's planning department which, if approved, would see the turbine built on council-owned land north-east of the school next to its car park.

Headteacher Zoe Green said she was concerned about the feeling of local residents.

"This is a very exciting project and parents are in favour of it, but we need to consult with the local community first," she said.

Wind turbines produce electricity with blades that spin a shaft connected to a generator. The proposed turbine would be able to generate up to 2,500 watts of power and be mounted on an 11-metre mast on a concrete fountain.

Mrs Green said: "We want to support sustainable energy. We looked at various options and came up with wind turbines.

"We are potentially a very good site for this as we certainly get plenty of wind here. It will reduce our carbon footprint and help the children here understand more about sustainability."

Earlier this year a solar panel worth £2,500 was donated to Royal Manor Arts College by a local company to help power its science block.

Underhill Community Junior School also has solar panels.

Brackenbury came up with its own plan after working with Dorset County Council's renewable energy officer Simon Taylor.

Planning permission for the project has been delegated to officers at Dorset County Council, who will make a decision after observations from Weymouth and Portland Borough Council next month.