The business of the countryside does seem to be suffering greatly.

Farmers have huge problems with the relentless worry of dread diseases amongst their animals.

Those of us who live in the countryside, do appreciate the anxieties that farmers undergo, and understand that managing the land is very hard work.

I would just like it raise the subject of bovine TB, and the calls for a mass slaughter of badgers.

Years ago , a wise uncle told me that animals do suffer vitamin deficiencies the same as we do. You used to see mineral licks tied to posts, even birds will crave a mineral or two.

I am certain that if landowners and farmers could take the trouble to provide vitamin and mineral licks near the entrances of badgers setts, and soak the lick with antibiotics, this bovine TB thing would be off the map pretty quickly.

Badgers are survivors, but to even think about a mass slaughter just beggars belief. So a simple remedy like this is worth a little extra effort , and by not demonising a great little animal shows we are above the alternative primitive gesture.

Mrs Maggie Snook, The Chalet, Chalkpit Lane, Wool.