I WOULD to thank Alvin Hopper for sharing his memories of the old Gaumont Cinema,

this brought back many memories.

When I was at school, the Gaumont Cinema brought in "Saturday Morning Films" (pictures, as we kids called it).

I well remember the very first show we had to pay 9p in old money to get in, the show started where all the kids had to sing a

song called " we come along on Saturday Morning greeting every body with a smile".

The show started off with a cartoon and then the main film, the main film on this occasion

was "Gullivers Travels". How we kids use to look forward to Saturday Morning Pictures, if

we had the money to get in.

Looking back at Alvin's recollections, am I right in saying the Rolling Stones appeared live

at the Gaumont? As for the cinema itself it had outstanding acoustics and real comfortable seats

with a long foyer where you could queue without getting wet in bad weather.

It was a sad loss to Weymouth when the Cinema was eventually dismantled.

Weymouth Lad now in his 80s

D J Amey