Care homes across Dorset will be supported by boxes full of treats thanks to the hard work of one woman and the kindness of dozens of businesses.

Roxanne Draper, assistant manager of Rodlands Care Home in Weymouth, has been contacting companies to donate to her project.

She has been putting together care packages for local care homes and her scheme has been met with incredible support from the businesses she has contacted.

She said: "A month back I set out to create thank you boxes for social care and with the help of many huge companies I am just about set to send these out.

"I have had so many incredible donations for these boxes from chocolate companies, to haircare, skin care, drinks companies. I literally have been donated so much.

"I feel like the NHS have been very well supported, which is great, but the care sector, at least at first, was getting forgotten about. I know the struggles care homes are going through and luckily we have managed to stay COVID-free but a lot of others haven't.

"I feel like everything has been a bit negative with care homes and I just wanted to do something positive for them."

Contacting businesses wasn’t too difficult for Roxanne as fortunately from fundraising for the care home in the past she has gained a wealth of incredible and supportive contacts. Businesses such as Rescue Remedy, Yardley London, Dock and Bay, Lotus Bakeries, Perkier Foods and Tony's Chocolonely to name a few, have been great and responsive within their communication with the care home and look forward to seeing the outcome of this wonderful idea.

Roxanne already has enough boxes for 20 care homes but with more donations coming in every day, she says she will keep going as long as she can.

Among the donations so far have been chocolate, coffee, protein bars, tea, fudge, toothbrushes, hand cream and lots of other things.

Rodlands is always looking for support from other local brands and would love to see further involvement so Roxanne can keep up her encouraging efforts in supporting local care homes and continue to raise spirits during the pandemic.