Extinction Rebellion activists took to Dorset Council offices in a protest against the council's lack of action since declaring a climate emergency one year ago.

Maintaining the two-metre social distancing rules and wearing facemasks, 10 rebels stood outside South Walks House in Dorchester with signs asking what the council's plan was.

A spokesperson for the group said that, since declaring a climate and ecological emergency, Dorset Council have produced “hot air with self congratulatory statements of empty promises coming from behind closed doors."

Andy Smith of Extinction Rebellion said: “Dorset Council’s woeful inaction in producing a strategy and action plan is worrying. Whilst we understand and appreciate that COVID-19 has presented some unexpected challenges for the Council we know the climate emergency has the potential to present similar, if not bigger problems.”

"We’ve maintained a safe and sensible approach to undertaking our small protest and ensured that we didn’t put rebels, the public or front line workers at risk.

"With Dorset Council now claiming that it is technically too difficult to link 82 councillors into a virtual meeting and in-person meetings being cancelled until Autumn we’re unlikely to see any progress for another six months.

"We’ve seen schools, local community groups and churches utilise technology to continue meetings and online gatherings so I’m not sure why Dorset Council can’t do it?”