Crossways residents have come together and are working hard to do all they can for the elderly and vulnerable.

Sam Bartlett, Emma Stoodley, José De Bardi and 15-year-old Brandon Samways have all stepped up to help.

Sam started a Facebook group, Crossways Residents Info, which is managed by Sam, Emma and José and they recruited around 50 volunteers from the village and surrounding area to help by calling vulnerable residents and collecting and delivering shopping and prescriptions.

They have also been helped by local businesses, Lizzie Baking Bird, Jurassic Coast Farm Shop and Dorset Carers Hub.

Lizzie of Lizzie Baking Bird has been working hard to put together food parcels of bread that are distributed around the village and has been making between five and 20 parcels a day, free of charge. She said: “It’s pretty hard work but worth it.”

Another business going above and beyond is Premier Stores in the centre of Crossways. Run by Issa and Diane Musleh, they have been facilitating deliveries by the volunteers providing food and supplies, sometimes with delayed payment.

José has been working with the Premier Store and set up his own contactless card reader to make paying easier at people’s front doors.

Since lockdown began, 15-year-old Brandon Samways has been getting up early every day to deliver papers to a large number of residents. He does this rain or shine and without receiving any pay.

His mum, Donna Samways said that sometimes he receives tips, but he spends them on buying sweets for his younger siblings, rather than on himself.

Brandon said: “I just wanted to help. I love doing it and love seeing their enjoyment.”

Many of Crossways’ residents are elderly and do not have the internet or social media and without their daily paper would be cut off.

One volunteer, Elaine Riley, has been making meals and shopping for people in need.

She said: “I’ve met some lovely people who really appreciate the help from the volunteer group and had some really good conversations with people.”

Another volunteer, Helen Lowe, said: “I have made some new friends and lovely chats too. One customer even made me some cakes as I’m much busier than usual. I’ve also leant books and given little Easter eggs and cards - anything for a cheer up I feel.”

One resident has thanked the team of volunteers for everything they are doing for lots of people in the village.

They said: “They are forever grateful for things like shopping, phone calls, even hot meals being delivered and just a general feeling of belonging, friendship and knowing others care. The difference that’s been made to several people’s mental health through your army of volunteers is phenomenal.”

If you live in or around Crossways and would like some help, support or just a chat contact Sam, Emma or José on 07919 620428 or 07852 460004 or email them on

If you are interested in volunteering, visit and search for your area.

For more information, search for Crossways Residents Info on Facebook.