DORSET Council is being pressed to repair a fallen wall it owns in Dorchester.

Town mayor Richard Biggs says the town council is ‘on the case’ in pressing the larger authority to make repairs.

The brick wall, on the corner of Bowling Alley Walk and West Walk, Dorchester, came down just as lockdown was starting and has remained as a pile of rubble ever since.

When asked about repairs in April, Dorset Council failed to respond to the question of when the work might be completed, or whether the damage had been caused by vandalism or structural failure. It has still not responded.

The 20ft wall, which surrounds the former county hospital site, is the second section which has fallen – the previous collapse, also on the Walks, was caused by the weight of earth behind it.

That was repaired three years ago by the previous Dorset County Council re-using bricks from the site.

Cllr Biggs told a Dorchester town council meeting this week that he would have thought that two months on Dorset Council ought to be able to find someone to carry out the repair.

He asked Dorchester councillors who sit on Dorset Council to apply any pressure they could to get the work completed.

“It is a bit of an eyesore that’s been there a long time and there’s no reason why a man, or woman, couldn’t start work there quite safely, I would have thought,” he said.

Dorchester town council staff, who although they have no responsibility, stepped in to make the  brickwork as safe as they could and to section off the area with tape at the time of the fall. It has since been cordoned off with plastic barriers.