DORCHESTER North campaigner Cllr Alistair Chisholm has welcomed a re-assurance that the town council does oppose the proposed 3,500 home scheme.

The project is being put forward by Dorset Council as the answer to the area’s housing shortfall – a target figure set by the Government.

Dorchester councillors on the unitary council are against the scheme and there has been public protests and a petition asking for it to be removed from the draft Local Plan.

Cllr Chisholm asked a virtual meeting of the town council on Monday evening to outline what its position was.

“When I get asked what the town council’s stance is on development north of Dorchester I have to say ‘I don’t know’ and I find that slightly disconcerting,” he said.

“This is the biggest potential change in the town in a quarter of a century and I just feel that there should be a straightforward answer to that on behalf of everybody who lives in the town,” he said.

Planning chairman Cllr Robin Potter said the town council position was very clear – that it is not in favour of the proposal, as it stands. He said the decision came after a public meeting in the Corn Exchange where speakers opposed the inclusion of the area in the draft Local Plan which is currently being discussed and should be completed next year.