One man is on a mission to lift the doom and gloom and bring a smile to his neighbours’ faces while he is out on his daily walks.

Portesham resident Steve James has an impressive fancy dress collection and has been dressing as a different character each day when he walks his two English springer spaniels, Sampson and Shambles.

He has been delighting residents and drivers through the village for more than 40 days with his inventive outfits, making people laugh and bringing a smile to many people’s faces.

Steve said: “I just thought it would make people smile in the early days of all the doom and gloom.

“I started on March 31 and have done a different rig everyday since, except for April 1 due to a family funeral.

“I have a large collection of silly rig/fancy dress as over the years when I was in the Marines, I built up a collection and in Portesham we have a few fancy dress events every year and the church nativity.”

He has received a lot of positive feedback from residents who have seen him out and about on his walks.

Steve added: “Everyone I have spoken to are saying it brings a smile to their face. Car drivers beep and flash their lights or give a thumbs up or just laugh as they pass.

“When the weather is good, some villagers come out of their houses for a quick chat.”