A carer from Weymouth has been praised for helping to saving a man's life.

As reported in the Echo, Peter Ewart, 68, was working on his motorhome in Queensland Road in Westham on Friday, May 8 when he suddenly collapsed.

Neighbour Sue Newman – who has been self-isolating due to asthma problems – rushed over to help and started giving Peter CPR.

However Sue started having an asthma attack.

That is when a second woman who was passing, care worker Sue Russell, came to see if she could help. Between the two Sues they managed to give Mr Ewart the medical attention he required until paramedics arrived.

Once the ambulance arrived, Mrs Russell left the scene without revealing her identity to anyone.

Mr Ewart's wife Pam described her afterwards as "just a perfect stranger walking past."

Now that she has learned the identity of her husband's second saviour, Mrs Ewart said: "I would just like to say to her that we will be forever grateful and thank you will never be enough.

"If she's ever in trouble or should ever need anything do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

"We don't know what we would have done without her when the other Sue was having an asthma attack.

"My husband has plans for when he is fit enough to walk around to her and personally thank her."

Mrs Russell said: "My grandson suffers from autism so every week my daughter-in-law and I take him for a walk. That's when we heard all the commotion so we walked around the corner and I asked if they needed any help.

"The lady that was giving the CPR was getting out of breath because she had asthma so I took over from her for a bit and we just shared it between us until the ambulance arrived.

"I have been a carer for years and years and still do care in the community for Home Instead."

Mrs Russell also works at Westfield Arts College, a specialist school in Weymouth. As part of her role she has done training in CPR and first aid and luckily, this was still fresh in her mind at the time after only recently completing an online course.

She added: "The other lady, the other Sue, who gave CPR came round to see me and said thanks for helping and that the wife would like to speak to me once her husband is back home again."