A young girl from Weymouth wrote a letter to the Prime Minister when he was in hospital with coronavirus and is thrilled to have received a reply.

Amélie Tapscott, 6, wrote a letter to Boris Johnson as part of school project set by her English teacher. The task was to write a letter thanking a key worker and she wasted no time going straight to the leader of the country.

Amélie's mum, Carly Tapscott, 38, said: "Amelie know who the Prime Minister is and when she was set the task he was unwell so she decide on her own that she wanted to write to him to wish him well.

"She knows that he is in charge of telling us what we can and cannot do and she has seen him a lot on television which is why she picked him to write to.

"The suggestion from her school was to write to a key worker that helps us in our day to day lives, for example a binman, a nurse or a shopkeeper, but she hasn't messed around and she's gone straight to the top!"

In her letter, Amélie wish for the Prime Minister to get well soon and asked him a couple of questions including "When do you talk on the news? and "Do you stay at home?". The point of the writing exercise was for her to use question marks and capital letters and she certainly delivered.

Despite sending the letter over a month ago, it was earlier this week that Amélie received a response.

Mrs Tapscott, a teacher, said: "She was really expecting a reply but because it took so long she had almost forgotten about it.

"She was so excited when the letter came through the post because she could see the envelope which had "10 Downing Street" written on it so she knew who it was from.

"Her dad and I were both really pleased as well because she feels it is so special and personal.

"Her little brother Rufus was excited as well even though he is only four."

Amélie has been inspired by the work of the NHS throughout the coronavirus pandemic and now has dreams of one day joining the healthcare workforce.

Mrs Tapscott said: "All of this has made her want to be a nurse when she grows up.

"She had never mentioned wanting to be a nurse before this, none of her family are nurses or work in the NHS, but now she wants to.

"I think she is a bit disappointed that none of us work in the NHS but she has realised what they do and now she wants to become one."