TWO couples from London were sent packing by police after camping on the edge of a cliff in Dorset.

The coastguard was called to assist Dorset Police after two tents were found on the cliff edge at Stair Hole in Lulworth at about 10.45pm last night.

A spokesman for Lulworth Coastguard Rescue Team said: "Arriving at Stair Hole, the tents were located on the wrong side of the safety barrier.

"Two couples from the London area were given some strong safety advice and told to pack up and leave the area by the police."

The coastguard members helped light up the area for safety while the campers packed up their belongings and the police escorted the couples out of the county.

A coastguard spokesman added: "Camping is not permitted under current guidelines. Furthermore, camping isn’t permitted on the Lulworth Estate in normal circumstances."