AN APPLICATION to demolish a garage on a site just off Park Lane in Weymouth has been refused.

Weymouth Town Council welcomed the application but Dorset Council, which makes the decision, said that site, close to the Conservative Club car park off Dorchester Road, was unsuitable for the proposed two-bed, two storey home which would have been built in an L-shape.

A planning officer's report said the proposed home would be close to the edge of the site and would leave very little open space; it would also need to have 1.8m tall fences or walls to ensure privacy which was considered unacceptable.

“Although the principle of development may be generally accepted in this location, the proposal would result in a cramped form of overdevelopment, with a lack of outside amenity space and the high boundary treatment being over-dominating in the street scene.

“The proposal is out of character with the area, does not contribute positively to the local identity or distinctiveness and would not conserve or enhance the conservation area,” said the report.