More than 150 firefighters are back at Wareham Forest.

They're trying to keep on top of flare-ups but strong winds are making conditions difficult.

For the second time this week a major incident has been declared in relation to the ongoing fire at the forest.

The fire service has requested a helicopter from Wales to assist.

An area of heath and woodland equivalent to the size of 115 football pitches has already been destroyed by a major fire which broke out at the forest on Monday.

It was declared a major incident later that night, with 150 firefighters at the scene at the height of the disaster.

Efforts were scaled back on Tuesday and a number of firefighters have remained at the forest since.

Now, crews from across the county have been called back to deal with flare-ups.

A spokesman for the fire service said: "With resources stretched you can do your bit by being extra careful in and out of the home.

• No bonfires.

• Do not leave cooking unattended.

• Make sure any personal smoking items are fully extinguished.

• Remain vigilant

The smoke has travelled as far as Bournemouth, Poole, Ferndown and Wimborne.

Following a fire investigation, Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service says it now believes the cause of a fire at Wareham Forest to be accidental, due to social activity in the forest.

People are urged not to have bonfires or barbecues this weekend due to the increased risk of wildfires following the Wareham Forest fire.

Area Manager Craig Baker said: “Whilst we understand that the dry weather will leave many wanting to go out and enjoy it, we cannot stress the importance of being fire-aware enough. This incident is a prime example of how a moment of carelessness can escalate, and the destruction it can cause.”