A devastating forest fire which has flared up again is being 'water bombed' by a helicopter.

As reported, a huge area of Wareham Forest has been destroyed in a blaze which broke out on Monday and may have been started by discarded barbecues.

It was declared a major incident later that night, with 150 firefighters at the scene at the height of the disaster.

Efforts were scaled back on Tuesday and a number of firefighters have remained at the forest since.

Yesterday, crews from across the county were called back to deal with flare-ups, with strong winds making conditions difficult.

Another 'major incident' was declared.

A helicopter from Wales was brought in to ‘water bomb’ the wildfire.

The helicopter was particularly beneficial dowsing the flames in areas firefighters found hard to reach. It picked up water from a local source before emptying it on the flames.

"The extra support from the sky was much appreciated," Poole firefighters said on Twitter.

As well as helicopter support specialist teams, also from Wales, had been brought in to create fire breaks.

This morning, 25 fire engines were at the scene, and crews were again battling the winds.

They urged people to stay away from the area so they could work safely.