HURRYING to go fishing, delivering pizza and buying dog food were just some of the excuses given by drivers caught doing more than 100mph.

Roads are busy again, which means Dorset Police's traffic unit has been dealing with more incidents.

On Friday evening alone, on the A30 between Sherborne and Yeovil, officers from the force's No Excuse team clocked four drivers doing a combined total of 419mph.

They included a motorist in a Peugeot 508, caught doing 109mph, who told them they were 'in a hurry to go fishing.'

The driver of Hyundai I40 captured doing 107mph stated: "I'm in a hurry after playing golf to buy dog food in Yeovil." He potentially faces a ban.

A Volkswagen Golf TDI was stopped after the driver was caught speeding at 104mph. They told officers were 'in a hurry' to deliver pizzas from Yeovil to Sherborne.

When police checked his insurance, he only had cover for personal use and it was added to their report.

And the driver of a Mercedes C200 told police they were in a hurry to deliver a takeaway to a friend in Sherborne and get back to Dorchester for a drink when they were stopped at 99mph.

The team says it dealt with many speeding motorists doing somewhere in the 90s, though they have thanked all those who kept to the limit.

In the past week, they also stopped a 19-year-old driver, who only passed his test a few weeks ago, after they recorded him doing 94mph in his Ford Fiesta.

He told officers it had taken 'ages' to pass his test and he promised to slow down.

On the A3030, close to Bishops Caundle, they dealt with the driver of a Mercedes E350 recorded doing 74mph in a 40 and continuing into a 30 because he was 'in a hurry to get home.'

On Higher Shaftesbury Road, two vehicles were caught doing 80mph across a crossroads junction.

Both said they were in a hurry to get home. At Ringwood Road, Bear Cross, they dealt with a driver doing 79 in a 40. He told police he was 'racing my mum to the forest for a walk.'

A pharmacist doing 68 said they were in a hurry to get to work, and at the same location officers seized an Audi 100 Avant recorded doing 63mph as the driver also claimed to be in a hurry to get to work - however he didn't have a valid driving licence.

He told officers DVLA forms are 'too complicated' but that he 'needs to drive for work.'