Seven adults and three children from London scaled walls to get to dangerous caves where they planned on camping.

But HM Coastguard was called after receiving reports of a group camping at Tilly Whim Caves, Purbeck, on Saturday.

The caves are closed due their dangerous condition. On top of that, overnight stays are not currently allowed in line with the Government's coronavirus guidelines.

The area is closed and access blocked by a high wall, however, this didn’t stop the group of 10 scaling the wall to get into the caves.

Swanage coastguards located the group, who realised they should not have been in this location, and stood by to ensure everyone left safely.

The group were located below a cliff which is in a poor state.

The mixed group were asked to leave and reminded that no overnight camping is currently allowed.

They commented they thought they were 'out of the way' but were leaving to return to London.

A spokesman for the team said: "Please can we remind/ask that reports of people in a dangerous position or in an emergency should be made by 999. Facebook has its uses but not in an emergency."