A woman passed out after suffering chest pains while at the coast.

Lulworth coastguards were called shortly after 5pm last night to help paramedics after the woman became ill at Mupe Bay.

Due to the location, Weymouth's inshore lifeboat was tasked to assist.

Rescuers planned to get the woman to safety by sea using the lifeboat to get to Lulworth Cove where she would be met by team members and an awaiting ambulance.

On arrival at Mupe Bay, Lulworth coastguard's station officer assessed her and decided a faster way was required due to her being in 'considerable' pain.

Coastguard rescue helicopter 175 from Lee-on-Solent was tasked and made its way to the scene.

At this point, the ambulance and other coastguard team members moved from Lulworth Cove to Mupe Bay.

The lifeboat arrived on scene and one of their crew helped provide casualty care.

The helicopter arrived and winched their paramedic onto the beach. While the paramedic made his assessment, the team helped land the helicopter on the beach. The lady was evacuated via a stretcher into the helicopter and flown to Poole Hospital.

Both Lulworth Coastguard Rescue Team and Weymouth Inshore Lifeboat were then stood down.

A spokesman for the coastguard team said: "Thanks to all involved in this rescue. We’d like to wish the lady a fast and full recovery."