A MUSICIAN has adjusted to the lockdown period by taking his live performances online.

Dorchester-based Nick Capaldi has taken to hosting ‘Live Bar Sessions’ on his Youtube channel, after the coronavirus crisis ruined his gigging plans.

With his wife behind the camera and himself in front, he began putting on acoustic performances of his own songs for an online audience. These videos received a great response and they are now putting several out a week.

Mr Capaldi said: “I’ve been out of the live scene for years and was just starting to get back into it then coronavirus kicked off and everything was cancelled.

“Gigging from home is great though, you don’t have to lug all your equipment around and there’s no mistakes really. If anything goes wrong you can just do a second take.

“I’ve run out of songs to play so I’ve had to take requests and learn them on the day. It’s really helped improve my guitar skills, I’m playing chords I never even knew existed, some were so difficult I wanted to give up several times but I got through them in the end.”

Mr Capaldi was gaining momentum before the current crisis hit, releasing an album and winning the Akademia award for best rock song in February with ‘In my shoes’. The Akademia awards, run from Los Angeles, is an international competition which recognises musical talent from all over the world.

Since going into lockdown, along with his Youtube sessions, Mr Capaldi has been giving free CDs to all key workers, to say thank you for their hard work.

He said: “We’ve sent out a few EPs to care workers and getting nice feedback back from people.

“We wanted to do something to help and thought it would be nice to spread some music. Music is all about sharing, after all.”

Mr Capaldi’s great uncle, Jim, was the drummer for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Traffic. Whilst musical talent clearly runs in the family, there is no relation to current star, Lewis Capaldi.

Mr Capaldi said: “That’s the question everyone asks now, it used to be Jim but now it’s always about Lewis. I thought I had quite a unique, quirky name for the music business but I guess not. At least people don’t ask me how to spell my surname anymore.”

The new album, ‘Tatty Hally and the Lost Magic’ is available on Spotify, Itunes and Amazon Music and the live bar sessions can be found on his Youtube page, @Nick Capaldi. For more information visit www.nickcapaldi.com.