A WEYMOUTH charity for veterans is fundraising to buy a holiday home so the armed forces community can benefit from low cost holidays in Dorset.

The Veterans Hub is raising funds to purchase a holiday home to let to veterans so they can have a holiday with their families at little or no cost to themselves.

Andy Price, Director of the Veterans Hub, says the benefits of being able to get away from the ‘real world’ for a while, for mental and physical wellbeing, can not be overstated: “We have been talking about it on and off for a few months now but we think now is the best time because we have just got an Armed Forces Covenant grant which will really support us for the next 245 months with our running costs, so now we can concentrate on other things we want to do.

“It will be of huge benefit to not only Dorset veterans but veterans from outside of Dorset who are visiting. A place for our guys and girls to go and unwind and find a little respite without worrying about money.

“A lot of our guys and girls are on minimal or very low income so a weekend away is a luxury.

“I would say about 60 per cent have mental health issues or difficulties with their physical health, which can be brought about or compounded by normal life, so this will allow them to get away from it all.

“We have set a target of £15,000 because the idea is to buy it outright. That way, the only things we will have to worry about in the future are yearly fees and overheads.

“When this is all over and we can return to some semblance of normality they will need it more than ever after being isolated for so long.

“The struggles we have been facing recently can not be overstated, whether it’s a suicide attempt or self harming, when you have someone with a complex health issue not being able to go out it creates problems.”

Luckily, although the Hub has had to pause many of its services, it is still looking out for the more than 200 veterans that rely on them.

Andy and his team are delivering 500 hot meals a week in the community and are bringing essential items to some of the most vulnerable households in the area, with help from other companies in their community.

To donate to the cause, head to the JustGiving page here.