PERMISSION to swap tiles for a zinc roof at High Views on Beach Road, West Bexington, have been refused by Dorset Council.

The proposal was objected to by the parish council which said it would be out of keeping with the rest of the street. Four residents raised similar objections.

A planning officer report said : “The flat profiled concrete tile covering of the existing bungalow has a lichen-covered, weathered appearance which is in keeping with the age of the dwelling, and the appearance of roof coverings of neighbouring dwellings and buildings.”

The application was submitted after a 2019 consent which  allowed for alterations to the home, including a height increase to the roof.

Rejecting the application for a change to zinc a planning officer concluded: “The proposed replacement of the present tiled roof of the bungalow at High Views, with a zinc profiled sheeting roof will result in an incongruous feature which would appear out of character and keeping with existing dwellings in the locality and which would result in an unacceptably adverse visual impact on the character appearance and openness of the Dorset AONB and the Jurassic Heritage Coast.”