Visitors to the seaside are being urged not to take risks this weekend.

The warning comes as lockdown eases meaning coastal exercise and visits are allowed.

And with the weather set to be scorching, many people will take the opportunity to visit the coast.

However, HM Coastguard says the usual risks the coast poses have been amplified as local authorities and landowners may not have had the opportunity to make their usual safety provisions and the majority of beaches will not be lifeguarded.

Anyone going to a beach should take personal responsibility, avoid the dangers and keep themselves safe.

Around the country, three people died last weekend in separate incidents and HM Coastguard says there’s a real danger more there could be more fatalities in the next few days.

Director of HM Coastguard Claire Hughes said: ‘We can’t emphasise this enough - the sea has no respect for whether you’re local or not, whether you’re experienced or not – the sea is unmerciful if it catches you out.’

"But help us to help you. We know how beautiful the coast is but it’s deadly if you get it wrong and your choices might put your family and friends at risk as well as yourself. And every time our frontline responders respond – as they always do and always will – they’re put at risk too.’

"Please. #BeBeachSafe Check tide times. Remember the sea has currents and rip tides that can’t easily be seen. Leave inflatables at home. Check your kit before you go onto the water. Make sure you have fully charged phones or other means of contact. Look out for each other. But above all, please keep safe and if you get into trouble and call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. Don’t make this weekend’s trip to the coast memorable for all the wrong reasons."