AN ELDERLY driver who wrote off two vehicles when he crashed into a parked car has surrendered his licence after telling police the sun was in his eyes.

The 84-year-old man reportedly also told officers from Dorset Police's No Excuse Team that he should not have been on the road before handing his licence over.

Police were called to reports of the collision on Thursday lunchtime involving two vehicles, with both having to be written off due to the damage caused.

A check on his driving licence showed DVLA had told him he must be wearing glasses to drive, however, he reportedly did not have these with him during the incident.

His 83-year-old wife was in the passenger seat at the time of the crash.

An officer from the No Excuse Team said: "The driver claimed the sun was in his eyes and thought he had enough space, checks were carried out – DVLA had stipulated he must be wearing glasses to drive, he didn’t have them with him.

"An ambulance was called due to his wife complaining of chest pains, she went off to hospital for further checks, we later followed this up and pleased to say it wasn’t too serious, but still painful across her chest from the seatbelt."

The officer added: "The driver decided it was time to give up his licence, surrendering It after driving for more than 50 years.

"He admitted he shouldn’t be on the road, he handed over his licence and signed the relevant paperwork which has been sent off to DVLA. The vehicle was taken away by family."

In 2016, Dorset Police reportedly had 125 collisions on the county's roads where the driver was 70 years old or over, resulting in 217 casualties, including three who died.

The force has launched the Older Drivers' Forum, which is designed to help keep older drivers on the road safely, for longer.

During the current coronavirus social-distancing measures, four safety bulletins have been created for older drivers during the lockdown period. These can be found online at

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said anyone with concerns about a driver can make a report online through their website or by calling 101.