(Copy of letter sent to MP Richard Drax)

How is the Government going to persuade the public to continue to support the measures needed to contain coronavirus - track and trace and all the associated necessary measures of self isolation, social distancing and protecting the vulnerable - when those supposedly deciding what needs to be done display such arrogance towards us all?

Great strain has been placed on the medical and support staff over the last couple of months, and on the police and army of volunteers in managing the situation.

The vast majority of families have abided by the lockdown for the greater good, many suffering both emotionally and financially.

Family members have suffered lonely deaths, and been unable to hold proper funerals.

All of us have been unable to hold family celebrations or meet with loved ones.

Everybody's lives have been disrupted.

We would all have liked to interpret the regulations to conveniently suit our own circumstances.

The 'I have done nothing wrong' attitude is a further insult to the efforts of all of these members of the community.

The Government wishes to move on from this debacle.

How are they going to persuade the public to support the necessary measures?

At the very least a little humility and apology are in order: one set of rules for all (not a different interpretation by the elite) and clear information would be useful.

Pat Thomson

Stottingway Street