A bin was melted in a fire caused after a disposable barbecue was carelessly thrown away at a Dorset beauty spot.

After countless warnings and several devastating wildfires, the fire service is still dealing with numerous fires caused by bonfires and barbecues. Between 6pm on Saturday and 6.40am on Sunday, Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service dealt with 52 bonfires and barbecue fires alone.

In one incident, firefighters were rushed to Bowleaze Cove at about 4.30pm on Sunday after a bin burst into flames at the beauty spot. The bin was totally destroyed in the blaze, which was started after a disposable barbecue was recklessly binned.

A spokesperson for Weymouth Fire Station said: "Since even before the devastating fire at Wareham Forest the service has stressed the dangers of disposable barbecues. And yet, despite all this, Weymouth White Watch were called to a bin fire at Bowleaze caused by a disposable barbecue.

"Right now Dorset is at extreme risk of wildfire because of the hot weather, so please refrain from using disposable barbecues. And if, despite our advice, you still insist on having one, at least dispose of it properly so as not to create an incident like this one."

Firefighters in Bridport were also called to an incident involving a disposable barbecue left by a bin at about 3.40pm on Sunday.

One fire engine from Bridport Fire Station was mobilised to the Morrisons in Asker Meadows, and a spokesman said: "Yet another barbecue left burning and not disposed of properly.

"This time in Asker Meadows next to Morrisons. Fortunately someone spotted it before it became a problem.

"It is so dry out here at the moment that we are on an extreme warning for wildfire potential."

The fire service has made numerous calls for people to stop using disposable barbecues and to stop having bonfires in the open at the moment.

As shown by the devastating scenes in the aftermath of the terrible Wareham Forest and Puddletown Forest fires, Dorset is very susceptible to wildfires at the moment due to the very dry and hot conditions.

A spokesperson for the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "We are wasting valuable resources & money attending unnecessary calls regarding irresponsible disposal of barbecues and out of control bonfires.

"And this also puts the lives of our firefighters at risk responding.

"Don't know how we can make it clearer. Stop the barbecues and bonfires."