Villagers showed their support for global events by holding a Black Lives Matter demonstration.

It took place in Piddlehinton, a village that has become known during lockdown for its strong sense of community, with opera singer John Hudson performing to raise spirits every week.

The demonstration was organised as a result of a conversation between two jogging pals, Sarah Lloyd and Jess Thompson.

Sarah said: "We were out running, as we do a couple of times a week, and talking about the events in America. Jess said that, as the mother of mixed race children, she couldn’t even say the words, ‘black lives matter’ out loud, then she promptly burst into tears.

"So I decided I would organise a demonstration. I know we’re only a tiny village in rural Dorset, but I think it’s vital that the message is promoted throughout society, as it’s only then that things will truly begin to change.”

Jess, whose daughter Imani, 21, and son Jai, 17, are mixed race, said: “I think it’s really important for my children, and people of colour everywhere, to see so many supporting the cause.

“We were thrilled that so many villagers turned up. My daughter and son are lucky in that, growing up in Dorset, their experience of racism has been minimal. But along with everyone else, they’re horrified by what they’re seeing on the news.

“I’m really hoping that this is a tipping point and that society will begin to understand how structural racism permeates everything. Imani produced a leaflet for the event, which she then distributed throughout the village. In it she suggested books that people might want to read, causes they could donate to and outlined things they might want to communicate to our local MP.”

Sarah said: “I think that, during this time of lockdown, community has really come into focus.

“And we want to demonstrate our support for what’s happening globally. My boys, Henry and Charlie, are only four and three. But when they’re older and look at the photos, I’ll be proud to tell them that this was their first demo.”