Firefighters were called to another disposable barbecue fire yesterday morning.

Crews from Weymouth Fire Station were joined by a crew from Bridport with a water carrier to reports of a fire at Lodmoor Nature Reserve just before 9.15am.

On scene, Weymouth crews extinguished and dampened down an area of around five metres, which was caused by yet another disposable barbecue that had not been put out or disposed of properly. The water carrier wasn't needed and returned to Bridport.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service has made repeated calls for people not to have bonfires or barbecues in the open. Despite the warnings, the service was called out to a number of disposable barbecue fires and bonfires last weekend.

A spokesman for Bridport Fire Station said: "Even with the cooler weather and the slight amount of rain we have seen, it is still not enough to prevent wildfires.

"Disposable barbecues will take hours to cool off sufficiently before they can be disposed of. If you decide to have one out of the home, which we thoroughly recommend you do not, take enough water with you to extinguish the barbecue after use. Then dispose of it in the correct way. Do not leave it behind.

"Do not place them directly on the ground. If it’s too hot to carry, it’s too hot to leave behind. If it’s still warm, then do no not put it in a bin.

"Never put an in use or used barbecue in an enclosed space due to carbon monoxide poisoning and always have the means to extinguish a barbecue in case of an accident.

"If you see a fire dial 999 immediately and ask for the fire service."