IN RESPONSE to the letter from Name and Address Supplied (It is noted that they do not have the courage to publish their name and address) I would like to make some points and corrections to their letter.

Name and Address Supplied noted that every day of the week motorists are confronted by cyclists. I would like to know what is inferred by confrontation.

I have yet to hear of a motorist being killed or even badly injured as a result of confrontation with a cyclist. If he is referring to overtaking, as a motorist myself I have never encountered any great difficulty in displaying a little patience and passing at least one metre wide of the cyclist.

Name and Address Supplied needs to chill out! Name and Address Supplied also says that the motorist is paying for the cyclists' place on the highway. I would like to remind him or her that I along with many other cyclists also own a car. This means that when cyclists are on the road he or she will have more room to confront them safe in the knowledge that they may actually be making a fair contribution to the chancellor.

Name and Address Supplied mentions Road Fund Tax. There is no such form of taxation. I think they may be referring to Vehicle Taxation. Vehicle tax is mainly assessed on the exhaust emissions. If Name and Address Supplied does not like paying this form of tax perhaps they could purchase an electric car or even a bicycle!

The most glaring error in my view in their letter is the apparent ignorance as to why the government and local authorities are providing more facilities for safe cycling. Many cyclists are nervous of confrontation with motorists like Name and Address Supplied. This is why in these so worrying times more people are being encouraged to cycle in order that it keeps people off public transport allowing those on the buses and trains to self distance more easily.

I hope Name and Address Supplied will reflect on their comments and perhaps show a little more patience towards those who may be trying to do the right thing.

Kevin Hunter

Netherton Road