I AM a Green Party Dorset Councillor for Rodwell and Wyke which contains Buxton Road, where Extinction Rebellion "popped up" a cycle lane over the weekend (Echo, June 9).

I am also a cyclist, and I want to see more cycle lanes, to combat climate change, to make life safer for cyclists and to improve our health. In short I'm a radical, I want to change the world.

Radicals through history have sought change through two main routes, seeking democratic election and non-violent direct action that demonstrates another world is possible.

The latter has always been necessary, whether the issue is women's equality, racism or workers' rights.

Conservatives, like those quoted condemning the Extinction Rebellion cycle lane do not need to resort to direct action because they are happy with the world as it is.

So although I have personally taken the democratic political path, I will not join in the frankly completely over the top condemnation of the Extinction Rebellion action coming from Councillors Bryan and Nickinson.

We need more cycle lanes (especially on major routes like the A354 Cllr Nickinson), and this minor and harmless action eloquently points up that need.

But real cycle lanes will only be built when there is the democratic agreement to do so.

Cllr Brian Heatley

Lorton Lane