I SEE that Richard Drax (Echo, June 3) has totally undermined Councillor Flower’s letter to the Prime Minister about the chaos, dangers and strain on local resources of unrestricted travel guidelines.

Mr Drax says that he believes the solution must be a local one and he expects there will soon be a “plan”.

He says: “We have a wealth of experience on which to draw”. We have come perilously close in the past, but Britain has not suffered a pandemic in living memory, so it is difficult to know what previous experience he is referring to.

However, no doubt the inhabitants of Dorset look forward to seeing how the envisaged plan will work, who will be responsible for organising and co-ordinating it, how it will be enforced, any safety issues involved, the costs in time, man-power and finances,and exactly what active role Mr Drax will be taking in all this.

Christine Tempest

Romulus Close