I AM the grandmother of two girls of mixed heritage who, with their mother and aunt, joined the demonstration to support Black Lives Matter. The subject of racism has always been an issue within our family as my granddaughters grew up because we are conscious of the difficulties they may face. They have both experienced racism, oblique and direct - we live in Weymouth.

I am proud that they attended the protest and joined so many people across the world who were stunned by the image of a man being murdered by a police officer.

To those of you who question the need for a protest in Weymouth and argue that there is no racism in Dorset, then I would say this. If you are white with no family or friends, people you care about, who are described as BAME, then your opinion is worthless. If you are someone who would be described as BAME, then I am truly happy that you have had a more positive experience but I suspect that you would be hard to find.

Anne Yates