THE disproportionate response by Dorset Council regarding the chalk cycle lane in Buxton Road sums up their own disconnected views and lack of understanding of current topics.

There is never a better time to seize the opportunity to improve cycle safety for those that have recently discovered its merits.

Government funding means now is the time to act and XR have simply shown how quickly action can be taken.

What will happen in reality of course is that the council will set up a policy committee, make a few recommendations, circulate them for internal consultation before thinking about putting in place one small cycle lane in an obscure area of Dorset.

What people want now more than ever is some quick thinking, imaginative ideas that can help transform our local transport systems.

Rather than trying to criminalise XR the council should invite them to participate in the planning. I would be more confident then that positive action would actually take place.

Steve Marsh