WE WISH to offer our sincere thanks to the councillors who at a recent planning committee overturned plans for the development of a field off Spa Road and Roman Road, essentially because it is outside any designated area for development and inside the conservation area. The proposals would have seen this ancient meadow built on, with the loss of a copse and wildlife habitat, flying in the face of the council's own declaration of a climate emergency designed to protect the environment.

Support for opposition to the development has come from far and wide as well as from the Radipole community. Although there may well be an appeal against the committee's decision, residents are excited at the prospect that there may well be a chance for this field to become a resource for the community to enjoy; a green lung in a busy area where wildlife can flourish.

Once such areas become in-filled with tarmac and concrete they are lost for ever. If this Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated nothing else it is that quality of life is so important for people to flourish. People have loved taking walks in our beautiful countryside, hearing birdsong, enjoying the natural world, regularly using the paths through the meadow. We are privileged to live in such a wonderful part of the world and thanks to our councillors we now have a chance at least to maintain a small corner of that to pass on to our children and their children.

Richard Sloan and Sally Parkes

On behalf of local residents