REGARDING the Echo article (Tuesday June 16th 'Supporting Forces on the Homefront') due to the coronavirus, this year's Veterans Weekend has had to be cancelled. A great shame, as our Mayor Graham Winter quite rightly says. Weymouth has for some decades been the hub for all veterans to commemorate past and at some times current military achievements. But most of all remembering those who gave their lives to protect our way of life in two World Wars.

As a whole, I am hopeful that with the relaxing of social distancing being reduced, gathering for VJ Day in August weekend of 14th/15th/16th & 17th(Monday) may be possible. Perhaps a double VE/VJ celebration collectively called 'Victory Weekend'. This to make up for the Lost Weekend of VE bank holiday, in the form we would have wished to celebrate it in.

Whatever, there is still next year. Next June 2021, is the 75th anniversary of the 1946 Victory Parade, which was held on 8th of June that year. The parade was enormous, as many overseas contingencies had returned from the Far East. They joined in with those who had fought in the European Theatre. Perhaps next year Weymouth may be able to put on a parade, although of a minor scale to the original, but just as impressive in itself. We have shown the rest of the country what we can mount on these types of weekends in the past, let's make 2021the icing on the cake!

Alvin L Hopper

Walpole Street