I WAS extremely pleased to see your headline Bring Back The Ferry, I only hope that it's not just another pie in the sky, headline grabbing non starter. Some may recall my letter in support of such a move previously, which of course came to naught. Please do whatever serious research you can and involve the Channel Islands. The service from Poole makes the journey across the Channel much longer and therefore costly. Both to the fair paying passengers and to the environment.

However, this is where joined up thinking is required, on behalf of both the Town Council and Dorset Council. Any project concerning the harbour, should involve all aspects of the harbour. So forget trying to close off any section, which will only give people more room to get drunk, I think Weymouth has enough places for that. The spirit of the harbour area is that it is a working harbour and that applies to locals and tourists. So to even contemplate making it harder for the fishermen, dive boats and tourist boats makes no sense at all. For the area to work for everyone, including hopefully a ferry, a lot more thought and discussion needs to take place, with particular regard to the traffic. In the light of other parts of the country, Weymouth hasn't got a traffic problem, it's just poorly managed. Many years ago a good friend offered to fund an experiment trialling a new one-way system, the then W & P B C did not want to know. Sadly that friend is no longer with us but the idea is still the best option. I would be glad to talk with someone from the Highways department to discuss it.

I know a lot of people in Weymouth would support the return of a ferry service but please let's do it with a great deal of thought to all areas of the town that are affected rather than piecemeal projects.

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, let's do things that enhance our town and encourage adults and families to visit, not drag us further into a drunken party venue, even though sometimes it seems tempting.

John Liles