I AM writing with regards Richard Drax’s reference to “those who would rewrite our history” in his Echo column; he appears to miss completely what people are concerned about.

The Black Lives Matter movement is helping to raise questions about this country’s dubious economic foundation that relied in the past on the slave trade.

It’s an issue that is relevant to Weymouth and Portland, since in 1818 we elected an MP Thomas Foxwell Buxton, who was a strong advocate for the abolition of slavery in the British colonies. In 1823 he formed the Society for The Extinction of the Slave Trade.

What people are asking is that we accept that racism has deep roots in the culture of this country, this has to not be ignored. We all need to become aware of these roots, already a number of major organisations are starting to listen.

I would like to ask Mr Drax what he thinks should be done about this country’s dubious past with regards to the slave trade.

Brian Woods

Wardcliffe Road