It's time to meet some more new arrivals who have been born under lockdown. Every Monday we celebrate extra special arrivals, many of whom came into the world at Dorset County Hospital (DCH) in Dorchester - and some further afield.

If you would like to feature your baby in the Dorset Echo free of charge, fill out a simple Q & A form here. Photos can be of your new baby getting a cuddle from his mum, dad, or big brother or sister or simply a single photo of your little one.

Dorset Echo:

Ruby-Mae Quinn, born April 29 at DCH weighing 6lb 3oz to Milli Threadwell and Decland Quinn of Portland.

Mum Milli tells us: "My waters broke on the 28th April at 21:30h, a week and one day early! A wave of emotions hit me, I was scared this is my first baby and I have no birth plan. Around 4:20 on the 29th my contractions were really strong, we made our way to the hospital and was told my partner would not be allowed in until I had been examined. I wanted my parter with me. The midwives who met me were lovely and assured me that everything would be ok, after a tough hour being in pain the team decided it would be best for my partner to be with me to try and help keep me calm! Ruby-Mae arrived at 14:43h I couldn’t thank the midwifery team enough for making the environment as relaxed as it could of been ready for my baby girl to enter the world!

Dorset Echo:

Henry Samuel O’Connor, born May 1 at DCH weighing 7lb 8oz to John and Sarah O’Connor of Portland. Little brother to Dorothy.

Sarah tells us: "I went 11 days over my due date. I went to get induced but I was already in slow labour after a slow start when the time came Henry shot in to the world. No pain relief!"


Dorset Echo:

Flora Carol Marie Sabin at three days old, born May 5 at DCH weighing 4lb 12oz to Johanna Monk and Matthew Sabin of Weymouth. Little sister to Jack, Harry, Ella and Dylan.

Johanna tells us: "Flora was born by Caesarean at 36 weeks after she stopped growing. She had knots in her cord, wrapped round her neck twice. She had a short spell in SCBU, and is now doing really well at home. We are very grateful to maternity staff and SCBU staff."

Dorset Echo:

Caspar Wilfrid Anthony Allen, born May 28 at DCH weighing 8lb 10.5oz to Elizabeth and John Allen of Weymouth. Little brother to Cecilia. Little Caspar was born 8 days overdue at 1.11pm.

Elizabeth tells us: "Caspar was born eight days overdue at 1.11pm."

Dorset Echo:

Tommy Bryan Rene Upward at 9 weeks old, born April 6 at DCH weighing 7lb 3oz to Katie and Paul Upward of Portland. Brother to Lillie-May.

Katie tells us: "Tommy was born at 38+5 at the start of lockdown."