A biker caught speeding at more than 100mph was racing a friend, according to police.

Dorset Police's No Excuse team have been cracking down on dangerous driving and clocked the motorcyclist at 111mph on the A30 Sherborne - Yeovil dual carriageway on Wednesday.

It was one of 34 offences dealt with by the team that day.

While monitoring the A35 they dealt with another motorcyclist for riding without due care and a BMW driver at 95mph. The biker, according to police, squeezed between two unmarked police cars to try and make progress and the BMW overtook another one at 95mph.

On the A30 Sherborne - Yeovil, officers reported six people to court for travelling in excess of 96mph, seized two cars and issued fixed penalties to the rest, mainly for speeding in the 86 - 95mph range but also one for a bald tyre and a number plate not conforming.

Those reported to court included the rider of the Ducati who was racing his friend, a BMW 320 driver at 96mph, A VW Bora driver at 98mph and a BMW 730 driver at 98mph.