A driver was caught speeding at more than 100mph with a child in the car.

Officers from Dorset Police' No Excuse team were monitoring the A30 Sherborne - Yeovil when they spotted the Audi driver at 101mph.

According to the team, a young child was in the car and the driver stated she was 'sorry' but she didn't realise how fast she was going.

On the same route, officers caught the driver of a new VW Transporter at 99mph. According to the team, the driver told officers they were delivering it to Yeovil and in a hurry to get home.

"He was very apologetic and remorseful, especially when he realised he might now be disqualified which will affect his job," said a spokesman.

A Mazda MX-5 driver and a Corsa driver were seized for no insurance.

"The MX-5 driver stated he had a traders policy but then forgot all the details," said a police spokesman. "The Corsa driver was thankful and apologetic stating she had let things slip, there also hadn't been any tax on this vehicle since January."

On the way back, on the A35, officers recorded a Mercedes C220 at 112mph and another motorbike at 91mph.

The Mercedes driver told officers they were in a hurry to get home to Hampshire. They have been reported to court.