“A SAD part of our job is dealing with serious collisions and informing families afterwards,” police have said, but that hasn’t stopped drivers from racing along the county’s roads.

One angry driver was so affronted by police carrying out speed checks he got out of his car and shouted at officers while stood on a carriageway.

According to Dorset Police’s No Excuse team, he shouted ‘what are are you doing?’ at officers, telling them they weren’t allowed to point a laser out the window at drivers from an unmarked car and and that there were no signs.

He repeatedly shouted a them while stood in the middle of the carriageway.

“For his safety we got out and moved him back, where he was offered words of advice,” said a police spokesman. “He sensibly returned to his car, shaking his head and drove away. Hopefully we have raised his awareness and he will think twice before speeding, if he was.”

It came during an busy few days for the team, with officers stopping 34 drivers in one day alone.

“It’s a sad part of our job dealing with serious collisions and informing families afterwards,” a spokesman said.

A BMW driver clocked speeding at 114mph in a 50mph zone was ‘showing off to his passengers’.

Officers said they were ‘appalled’ to record the ‘reckless’ and ‘dangerous’ driver on the Dorset Way.

“This section of the road is restricted to 50mph so that’s some 128 per cent over the speed limit,” a spokesman said.

“We believe the driver was showing off to his passengers and when stopped he immediately said ‘I’ve been an idiot’.

“What can we say to that? To make things worse we then also noted the cord was showing on one of his tyres.

“Again, we will never know what we’ve prevented, but if he’d lost control at that speed, the outcome could have been a lot different.”

On Wednesday, a driver was caught speeding at more than 100mph with a child in the car.

Officers were monitoring the A30 Sherborne - Yeovil when they spotted the Audi driver at 101mph.

According to the team, a young child was in the car and the driver stated she was ‘sorry’ but ‘didn’t realise how fast she was going.’ On the same stretch, a biker caught speeding at more than 100mph was ‘racing a friend’, according to the team.

They clocked the Ducati rider at 111mph, one of 34 offences dealt with by the team that day.

Officers reported six people to court just on the A30 for travelling in excess of 96mph, seized two cars and issued fixed penalties to the rest, mainly for speeding in the 86 - 95mph range but also one for a bald tyre and a number plate not conforming.

Those reported to court included the rider of the Ducati, a BMW 320 driver at 96mph, A VW Bora driver at 98mph and a BMW 730 driver at 98mph.

On the same route, they caught the driver of a new VW Transporter at 99mph. According to the team, the driver told officers they were delivering it to Yeovil and in a hurry to get home.

“He was very apologetic and remorseful, especially when he realised he might now be disqualified which will affect his job,” the spokesman said.

A Mazda MX-5 driver and a Corsa driver were seized for no insurance. “The MX-5 driver stated he had a traders policy but then forgot all the details,” said a police spokesman. “The Corsa driver was thankful and apologetic stating she had let things slip, there also hadn’t been any tax on this vehicle since January.”

On the way back, on the A35, officers recorded a Mercedes C220 at 112mph and another motorbike at 91mph.

The Mercedes driver told officers they were in a hurry to get home to Hampshire. They have been reported to court.

While monitoring the A35 they dealt with another motorcyclist for riding without due care and a BMW driver at 95mph. The biker, according to police, squeezed between two unmarked police cars to try and make progress and the BMW overtook another one at 95mph.