Mourning in the age of coronavirus with the absence of normal rituals to say goodbye to loved ones can have a profound impact on the grieving process.

The latest funeral guidance aims to balance the needs of the bereaved to mourn while limiting the spread of disease, which has changed our lives and our worlds.

At the Dorset Echo we understand how hard it is for families to grieve and to share the life of a lost loved one with family and friends while observing the restrictions for funerals and social distancing guidelines. It's unimaginable pain in unprecedented times.

If you lose someone you care about during this time, you may be unable to attend their funeral or remember or celebrate their life in the way you would like to.

Current funeral guidelines state that alongside the funeral director, chapel attendant, and funeral staff, the number of people permitted to attend are limited to close family and friends.

Many mourners have said they feel they haven’t had a chance to say goodbye in a way they would have wished and are holding gatherings for their loved ones later in the year, when it is hoped these darker, restricted days have passed.

At the Dorset Echo, we are publishing an Obituaries page every Tuesday to give families who have placed a death announcement with us the chance to celebrate the life of someone they have lost.

And while it doesn’t allow for the physical comfort of being together, to give a hug or sharing a drink, an obituary will give your lost loved one the recognition they deserve, both in print and online at to share with your friends and family members.

If you would like us to write a free obituary for someone you cared about, please follow the link to our obituaries section on our website at Or email me at