Hi readers it’s Emily and William here this week, hoping you are all coping well as we come out of lockdown.

During this time I, Emily have been doing some gardening with my mum. We have planted some Nemesia, calabrachoa, petunia and many more. We mainly planted them in pots and put them in a sunny spot in the garden. Some of the flowers I planted in wall hangers have grown lots of flowers.

It’s nice planting flowers in the garden and watching them grow. It feels like I have achieved something and am also pleased not to have killed them! The garden is now full of colourful flowers, some of which smell delicious and some just look pretty. I don’t know why I haven’t decided to grow plants and flowers in the past. I am not that good, but then it’s not that hard really. Mum and I watch Gardeners World together sometimes and it gives her ideas on how to grow something, what to grow and when. It’s nice to sit out on the patio and enjoy the sun as we get a waft of the lovely flowers, especially the roses.

I feel very lucky to have a garden more now we are in lockdown. It means we are not stuck in doors all the time, can go out get fresh air and now even social distance with friends and have a cup of tea if we want to.

I, William, have been enjoying cutting the grass and weeding the flower beds at my parents house, and watering their garden. I like doing it because I love watering the plants, seeing them grow and keeping them all alive. If they weren’t watered they would probably die, due to how little rain we’ve had.

For those of you with gardens, we hope you have enjoyed them too!

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