Climate change protestors have called Dorset MPs to take action on the crisis and to "come clean" to constituents about the consequences of government inaction.

Members of Extinction Rebellion (XR) Dorchester, Weymouth and Portland said they were "protesting government inaction on the climate crisis" by presenting a letter demanding action on the climate emergency to South Dorset MP Richard Drax.

Hundreds of XR 'rebels' participated in protests at MP’s offices all across the UK on Thursday, June 25 to coincide with the publication of the Committee on Climate Change report to parliament, which XR said would show little progress. Protestors maintained social-distancing and wore face masks in line with government guidelines.

They left a letter for Mr Drax, urging him to "publicly speak out on the government’s failings on the climate and ecological emergency and come clean with constituents that government inaction will lead to the death of millions."

Letters were also delivered to Chris Loder MP for West Dorset, Simon Hoare MP for North Dorset and Michael Tomlinson, MP for Mid Dorset and Poole.

Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Laura Baldwin said: “The scientific evidence is absolutely clear. Aiming for zero carbon emissions by 2050 is far too late to avert catastrophic global heating which will cause crises much, much worse than Covid-19 and its subsequent recession.

"The UK government already pledged measures for reducing emissions but in fact they have increased. We have a chance, now, to change direction towards a Green Economy, our government must wake up and do it. Our message to Simon Drax is aimed at empowering. His constituents need a brave and bold leader to protect them and the planet.”

Fellow demonstrator Ken Huggins added: "I am horrified at the thought this government thinks we have time to address climate breakdown later and will support fossil fuel industries in their recovery plan out of the pandemic. The science says climate breakdown has already begun and any recovery plan must place environmental concerns centre stage if its effects are to be mitigated."

In response, Mr Drax said: "Far from criticising Government inaction, and contrary to Extinction Rebellion’s claims in this letter, the new Committee on Climate Change report (June 25) says: 'The Government's early reaction to our Net Zero advice has been positive: the target was swiftly legislated, Net Zero is increasingly part of central Government policy.'

"It also acknowledges that 'The UK’s domestic emissions have fallen consistently since the Climate Change Act was passed in 2008.'

"The new CCC report in fact focuses on the need to integrate net zero plans in the economic recovery post pandemic, suggesting government department targets. While there is no room for complacency, there is overwhelming evidence that significant and effective steps are being taken to tackle climate change in the UK, and will continue."