TWO scrutiny committees which are designed to put Dorset Council’s actions to the test have both been postponed.

The Place scrutiny committee was due to be held this Thursday, July 2 and the People scrutiny committee on Tuesday July 7.

The People Scrutiny meeting is now happening on July 20 and Place Scrutiny is happening on July 23.

In the past the council has said that it is often difficult to arrange meetings online although both of the committees in question only have a small membership.

The two committees are the only one to be postponed between now and July 10.

The scrutiny committee function is to question the council’s actions and procedures, although this has in recent months proved difficult because the full council of 82 councillors has not met and is not due to meet until October, with even that date in question.

In effect all of the important decisions are being made, without public debate, by the council’s 12-strong committee of Conservatives.

The council currently has a policy where councillors no longer have to attend meetings, either online, or in person.