THE Dorset property market appears to be experiencing a bounce back period following closure due to lockdown restrictions.

Estate agents in Dorset say the market appears to be picking up where it left of in February.

The property market was shut down when the country went into lockdown in March, but upon the reopening of the property market on May 13 business has immediately returned to where it was before lockdown rules were imposed.

Mark Parker, owner of Parker’s Property which operates in Dorchester and Bridport, said: “We've seen a good amount of properties come on to the market in both Bridport and Dorchester. A lot of properties are going on to the market, and the buyers are there also.

“We had a very busy period before the lockdown in February, which obviously all died down because of the virus, but it now seems to be picking back up to how it was in February.

"We're very busy at the moment, but we're not sure how long it will last and what it will look like in a couple of months.

“Everybody is interested in the property market. Nobody can predict what house prices are going to do generally but I think they will remain constant.

"As long as the demand is there, I can't see why prices would come down and at the moment the demand is there.”

Since the market reopened, the government has issued guidelines on social distancing during viewings, outlining specific measures to keep potential buyers safe.

Mr Parker explained Parker's already had their own measures in place upon reopening, which are in line with the government rulings.

He said: “It was unclear when we were told on the Tuesday night we could go back to work on the Wednesday, there were no guidelines in place at that point so we've been very strict with what we will and will not do.

“We're making sure everyone is wearing masks and gloves, we are limiting the amount of time being spent in different properties and we're only allowing one or two people at a time inside properties. We are also making sure people are motivated to buy and not just window shopping round a few houses.”

Polly Greenway, Director of DOMVS, also based in Dorchester, said:

“Within a day of the government announcement that the home buying and renting process could re-start, the telephone calls and emails began and we have not stopped since.

“People who, for whatever reason, have decided in lockdown to make significant life changes have now joined those who were already on that path in January and February.”

“The lockdown bounce has already begun. We don’t know how long it will be for, but it is undoubtedly with us now."